With casting options from Neil Patrick Harris to Philip Seymour Hoffman, PEOPLE asks you to decide

By Alison Schwartz
August 11, 2010 04:20 PM
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It sounds like the plot of an aviation-themed remake of Office Space: Flight attendant gets fed up with defiant jetsetter, loses temper, tells off plane passengers via PA system – and then, after helping himself to some bottles of beer, makes his grand exit down the emergency escape chute.

Forget Capt. Sully – Steven Slater, the headline-making Jet Blue flight attendant, is the new folk-hero of the skies.

With his stick-it-to-the-man outburst, Slater has acquired a cult following – and not just from fellow flight attendants with peanut-bag-throwing dreams – as the debate ensues whether he, in fact, is a hero or a felon.

And now that he has a fan base, should this real-life drama happen to play out on the big screen, who could take on the role of Slater – and all of his baggage? You decide.

Neal McDonough: He’s got the look to land the role of Slater (just don’t make him join the mile high club).

Philip Seymour Hoffman: This Slater doppelganger picked up an Academy Award for Best Actor in 2005 – so he’ll do Slater’s Oscar-worthy exit justice.

Ian Ziering: Having played a poor little rich kid on Beverly Hills, 90210, Ziering could pay homage to the working class as Slater.

Michael Kors: His acting career hasn’t quite taken off, but this American fashion designer has the spunk and style to carry on the role – and, like Slater, he knows how to work a runway.

Neil Patrick Harris: Harris can once again ditch his Dr. Doogie Howser roots – and who wouldn’t mind Slater’s onscreen character bursting into song?

James Michael Tyler: Forget the resemblance – these guys share more than a similar haircut. Tyler, known for his role as Gunther on Friends, knows all about bad service – he managed a fictional coffee house on the show.