From Angelina Jolie as Maleficent to Mariah Carey as Ursula, Jon Hamm as Gaston or Johnny Depp as Jafar – vote for your favorite casting

By Kristin Boehm
March 31, 2010 10:00 AM

Glenn Close was sheer evil perfection as the live-action version of Cruella De Vil in the 1996 remake of the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. And while that creepy character sought to clothe herself in cuddly lap dogs, Sleeping Beauty‘s Maleficent takes it up a notch, cursing a baby to death by spinning wheel and turning into a dragon! She’s so ominous, in fact, she may be the first Disney villain to get her own feature.

The Maleficent movie would, according to The Hollywood Reporter re-tell the 1959 fairy tale from the point of view of the self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil.” Already rumored to be a front-runner for the delightfully devilish role: Angelina Jolie.

But wouldn’t the equally gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones be able to bring to life her evil elegance? Her background is in theater and dancing after all. Another casting contender: Kim Cattrall, who has proven time after time she is equally bewitching and b—-y!

Maleficent is easily the baddest of the bad, but the top five Disney villains are equally fun to cast.

Take The Little Mermaid‘s underwater she-devil Ursula for example. There’s no one more voluptuous and able to play venomous than Mo’Nique, but her Precious costar Mariah Carey wouldn’t have to forgo makeup for this role and could bring the right amount of camp to the remake. Also worth considering is Mad Men bad girl Christina Hendricks. She could really burst onto the big screen as the larger-than-life tentacled foe of sweet Ariel.

Disney’s early 1990’s desert adventure Aladdin introduced the power-hungry sorcerer Jafar. Our picks to portray the scholarly magician include a range of men accustomed to getting what they want in roles. Naveen Andrews’s Lost journey has taken his character from torturer to possessed – good prep work for the cunning Jafar’s antics. As King Henry VIII’s life descends into madness on The Tudors, Jonathan Rhys Meyers could be freed up to play a madman of a different sort. And, given mumblings that Disney liked Tim Burton’s Alice so much, maybe he’ll be tapped to collaborate on a Jafar remake making Johnny Depp a natural choice.

The 1936 classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tells the story of a jealous and wicked queen who tries to have her stepdaughter murdered. The vain queen goes to great lengths to dispose of the beautiful Snow White, including disguising herself as a witch. Some classic beauties who could easily transform themselves for both sides of the evil role? Cate Blanchett, who has already gotten her royal feet wet as the elf queen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy; Charlize Theron, who was unrecognizable in her Oscar-winning role as a serial killer in Monster; or Vanessa Williams whose self-absorbed diva role on Ugly Betty is coming to an end.

Finally, Gaston. The Beauty and the Beast antagonist is muscular, handsome and rich. But he’s also small-minded and very rude. He evolves from a humorous buffoon to a menacing villain, bringing a few handsome actors quickly to mind for the role! Gerard Butler would only have to start the film with his Bounty Hunter character and end with his murderous King Leonidas from 300. Jon Hamm could branch out from a charming ad exec to a narcissistic hunter, but can he sing too? Gilles Marini’s chiseled good looks and dancing bravado make him another top contender.