Celebs at White House Correspondents' Dinner Can't Name a Single White House Correspondent

The new film Nerd Prom dives into the annual Washington D.C. event

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It’s prom season for Washington D.C. VIPs.

Saturday is the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and celebrities who only play political powerhouses on TV – like Scandal’s Kerry Washington and Madame Secretary’s Téa Leoni – are descending on the nation’s capital to rub elbows with the real thing.

And even if most people can’t get a ticket to the four days of star-studded festivities, a new film, Nerd Prom, provides a back-stage pass to the event.

One of filmmaker Patrick Gavin’s more amusing discoveries is that few, if any, celebrities swarming the dinner – which raises scholarship funds for student journalists and supports the White House Correspondents’ Association in maintaining press access to the president – can actually name a White House correspondent.

When asked to identify their favorites, Gary Cole hems and haws, Matthew Morrison laughs uncomfortably and Patrick Duffy stalls.

“That’s interesting (pause) I don’t know,” says the Dallas star before offering up that he met CNN’s Dana Bash the night before.

“I thought she was taller,” Duffy says.

But, nope, Bash covers Congress, not the White House.

Even Washington Beltway insiders can’t seem to keep the who’s-who straight amid all the partying.

Nerd Prom also goes inside the creation of the guest list for Capitol File magazine’s annual Correspondents’ Dinner afterparty and shows their party planners tossing around names.

“You know who we have to invite? Savannah Guthrie and Whoosie-Who, her new husband,” says one magazine executive.

Lest Michael Feldman, the said “Whoosie Who,” feels too badly, a later mention of inviting a prominent actor (no spoilers: you’ll have to watch the movie to find out who) elicited this response:

“Oh, God. Is he still alive?”

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