Watch the Latest Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser as Positive First Reactions Pour In: 'Spectacularly Fun'

The first reactions for Wonder Woman 1984 are in — and fans should be very excited

Wonder Woman 1984 is finally almost here — and HBO Max has one final teaser for fans!

The final clip strikes a more sentimental note, showing off eye-popping scenes from the sequel that once again show Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. The teaser also features Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, a character fans saw die at the end of the 2017 hit movie.

Originally set to debut in theaters this past summer, Wonder Woman 1984 will now be available for streaming on HBO Max on December 25 and in select theaters, as the COVID-19 health crisis forced Warner Bros. to come up with a different release strategy for the anticipated sequel.

Now that it has a final release date, some critics have been able to watch the film for the first time and post their reactions. And judging by the early praise, fans should keep expectations high for the film to deliver even more than the original.

"#WonderWoman1984 is spectacularly fun. A blockbuster with lots to value. Tonally reminiscent of the SUPERMAN movies in the best spots. Delivers a different kind of empowering kick than the original. Sentiments & themes are thoroughly enriching. Action sequences, sublime," tweeted Rotten Tomatoes critic Courtney Howard.

Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984. Clay Enos/ ™ & © DC Comics

"I’m so happy to report that #WW84 is an absolute blast from start to finish. An exceptional compliment to the first film, it’s stuffed w/ heart, hope, love, action, romance & humor. @PattyJenks, @GalGadot & team delivered one of DC's best sequels. I was in tears when it ended," tweeted Fandango managing editor Erik Davis.

"I really wasn’t expecting to love #WW84, but it is without a doubt the movie we need right now. Full of wonder, optimism, and a near-fetishistic obsession with 1984’s favorite toy, the koosh ball, WONDER WOMAN 1984 is quite simply the best DC film since THE DARK KNIGHT," tweeted writer Ben Mekler.

Along with praising Gadot's return and Patty Jenkins follow-up in the director's seat, critics also had lots of love for Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal, who play the movie's villains.

"Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig are the highlights of #WonderWoman1984 for me. Pascal goes ALL IN on a wild portrayal of Max Lord, a conflicted but vile villain. Wiig's Cheetah evolution throughout the movie is heartbreaking yet epic. We need more! #WW84," wrote's Brandon Davis.

Kristen Wiig Pedro Pascal
Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984.

Wiig recently opened up to The Sydney Morning Herald about taking on the villain role in the movie, a part she doesn't often play.

"The physical part of it was a really important thing for me as an actress, to even just be comfortable in doing this part, because I've never done a role like this, I’ve never been in a movie like this," Wiig, 47, said. "Cheetah is a strong, powerful person, and I wanted to feel that way."

"When I am in full Cheetah and Gal [Gadot] is in full Wonder Woman and it's the fight, it's exhilarating," Wiig added of the duo's action scenes. "Then of course they yell, 'Cut!' and start laughing and we're like, 'Are you okay?' 'Did I hurt you?' "

And as for her transformation from archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva to her villain feline alter ego, Wiig said, "I have to give most of the credit to [director Patty Jenkins] because in talking about the character she’s very conscious of ... what the tone is, and what the message is, and what it says about being a woman, and being a bad villain and being a woman.

"Also, going from this sort of frumpy, invisible, ignored character to this woman who is sexier and who is more confident and what that says," she told the Herald.

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