Watch the Cast of 'Ferdinand' — Including John Cena and Nick Jonas! — Answer Cute Kid Questions

John Cena, Gina Rodriguez and Nick Jonas answer questions from kids about their new movie Ferdinand

It’s the latest round of PEOPLE’s Kids Interview — and the cast of Ferdinand is in the adorable hot seat.

First up is 8-year-old Beckett, who wants to know from John Cena what it’s like being the voice of Ferdinand.

“Well being Ferdinand is kind of like being John Cena,” he says. “I’m big and strong but everybody kind of expects me to be a fighter and I’m more than just a fighter. It’s kind of a struggle sometimes to be myself but I always do my best to be me and let people decide whether they think I’m cool or not.”

Inspired by The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson, the film revolves around a giant bull (voiced by Cena) with a big heart, and features an important message about not judging a book (or bull) by its cover, along with plenty of comedic relief.

Next up is 6-year-old Ivy, who wants to know which scene in the Golden Globe-nominated film is the funniest.

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Nick Jonas</a> Ferdinand movieCredit: Bret Hartman/Blue Sky Studios
Bret Hartman/Blue Sky Studios

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias nominates a scene in which Ferdinand is running full speed toward a barrel when a small bunny suddenly appears in his path and the big and powerful bull ends up doing a flip in order to avoid the furry creature.

“The bunny is horrified because he’s about to get run over, and Ferdinand barely misses him,” says Iglesias. “But the bunny still passes out. And then Ferdinand has to bring him back to life.”

Anthony Anderson, the voice of Bones the bull, claims “any scene that he’s in” is the funniest. “And a close second is anything that Gina Rodriguez [the voice of a cute hedgehog named Una] is in,” he says.

Watch the exclusive PeopleTV video above to see how the stars answer a variety of other questions like what they do when they want to be tough but don’t want to get in a fight, and what they look like when they’re recording the voices for their characters.

Ferdinand opens in theaters Dec. 15 and also features the vocal talents of Kate McKinnon, Daveed Diggs, Peyton Manning, Bobby Cannavale, David Tennant, Flula Borg, Sally Phillips, Boris Kodjoe, Jerrod Carmichael, Raul Esparza, Karla Martinez, and Miguel Angel Silvestre.

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