WATCH: Take an Exclusive Look Inside 'The Secret Life of Pets'

"Snowball is one lean, mean carrot-chewing machine," The Secret Life of Pets star Kevin Hart says of his character


What are our pets up to when we’re not looking?

The stars of The Secret Life of Pets have some ideas.

“I’m definitely one of those people who thinks that my dog has very complex emotions,” Jenny Slate says in an exclusive “Look Inside” the upcoming animated film, in which she lends her voice to a white American Eskimo dog named Gidget.

So what are these critters up to?

“Throwing parties for each other, listening to rock n’ roll music,” speculates Eric Stonestreet, who plays big, furry pooch Duke.

Kevin Hart, who voices crazed rabbit Snowball, says he’s even caught his two Doberman Pinschers in the act.

“[I’ve seen] weird stuff, like the bathtub is downstairs,” Hart jokes, “Don’t know how that happened.”

Hart also reveals his character is “representing a world of pets that are from the underground.”

“Snowball is one lean, mean carrot chewing machine.”

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The Secret Life of Pets, which also features the voices of Saturday Night Live‘s Bobby Moynihan, as well as Ellie Kemper and Louis C.K., imagines the lives of a gang of Manhattan animals.

“It’s a sweet big-time adventure starring little, bitty characters,” Slate says.

The Secret Life of Pets sneaks into theaters July 8.

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