The married couple shares the big screen in their upcoming baseball movie

By Ale Russian
July 16, 2019 12:00 PM

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are taking their love to the big screen — and PEOPLE has an exclusive look at their chemistry.

The married couple star in Bottom of the 9th, a drama about a young baseball player who makes a life-changing mistake that lands him in prison at 19 years old, just as his career is taking off.

20 years later, a grown-up Sonny Stano (Manganiello) tries to get his life back in order and win back his lost love. Cue Vergara’s Angela Ramirez.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive scene, the two run into each other outside a school and seem to fall back into a comfortable pattern as Angela explains how her Lyft driver is almost there.

“How can you tell?” Sonny asks as Angela shows him her phone tracking the Lyft driver. “Technology,” Angela responds as Sonny looks confused.

Bottom of the 9th
Saban Films

The two discuss how Sonny wasn’t able to take the aptitude test, and Angela finally takes pity on him and offers help.

“You know what, maybe I do need to help you. Come tomorrow to my office. Test taking is like an art, maybe I can give you a couple of tips,” she says.

“I work during the day. Why don’t we do dinner? It’d be on me. I know I don’t need to buy you dinner, I want to. Come on, it’d make me feel more like a man paying you back,” he tells her, and they set a date.

Bottom of the 9th hits theaters and VOD on July 19.