Courteney Cox and David Arquette share Coco, 16, from their 11-year marriage


David Arquette's dramatic wrestling career eventually won over his teenage daughter Coco.

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip from the documentary, You Cannot Kill David Arquette — available online and On Demand Aug. 28 — Coco, 16, tells mom Courteney Cox all about her night watching Arquette wrestle. Cox, 56, and Arquette, 48, share Coco from their 11-year marriage, which ended in 2010.

"Last night mom, was the most insane thing in the whole world," Coco tells Cox as they play pool in the clip. "But very entertaining. I’m a lot less embarrassed than I was before."

But when Coco shows Cox some footage, it's clear the Friends alum is a little concerned about her ex-husband getting hurt in the ring.

"Look at him killing it!" Coco says as a worried Cox watches with her hand almost covering her eyes.

"What happens if you break your neck or something?" Cox says, looking to the documentary's camera crew when Arquette seemingly does a dangerous move.

Courteney Cox and Coco
Credit: Super LTD

The documentary als0 follows Arquette's near-fatal incident in a so-called "deathmatch" in 2018. The actor was accidentally stabbed in the neck with a cylindrical light bulb during the match with Nick Gage.

"I thought I was dying," Arquette recently told PEOPLE. "I got out of the ring and I was totally lost. I couldn't see and I couldn't hear."

Arquette was rushed to the hospital where he received stitches and underwent surgery. Once he recovered, the brush with death proved to be a wake-up call, and he was able to finally come to terms with a past that had haunted him for so long.

"There was a certain carefree, daredevil aspect about the way I lived life previously," said Arquette, who struggled with demons from a troubled childhood, rejection in Hollywood and the loss of his sibling, Alexis, in 2016. "But I didn't want to die. With the deathmatch, I was doing it on purpose. I was feeling pain to numb pain. Afterwards, I realized I needed to be kind to myself."

Thanks to therapy and the support from his wife Christina McLarty Arquette, to whom he's been wed since 2015 (they have two sons, Charlie, 6, and Gus, 3), "I learned to love myself," Arquette added. "I had to stop being self-destructive and making choices that were throwing bombs."