Chris Pine Knows All the Words to 'Ice, Ice Baby' — Watch Him Hilariously Rap It

Chris Pine is a man of many talents.

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Chris Pine is a man of many talents.

On Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Wonder Woman actor, 38 revealed that he was in a band in high school with his English and math teachers — and that the first song he ever learned in its entirety was “Ice, Ice, Baby” by Vanilla Ice.

The star showed off his rap skills to much fanfare from the audience and his host, 51, after a lengthy chat with the comedian about the first concerts they ever went to. One of Kimmel’s was Lionel Richie with — wait for it — his mom.

“It’s not a bad song,” Pine began.

“It’s a fun song. It’s a great pop song,” Kimmel responded, adding, “It’s certainly stood the test of time.” Then he reminded his guest that “Ice, Ice, Baby” heavily sampled David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.”

“It’s fantastic lyrics, though,” Pine asserted. Then he grabbed his stand-in-microphone, a pen, and went to town.

“Eleven years old!” Pine said, laughing after he finished.

“That was a mistake, you shouldn’t have done that,” Kimmel joked in response.

“I’m going to leave now,” Pine said.

“That’s it, you’re out of the next Wonder Woman movie, but Vanilla is going to be so happy,” Kimmel encouraged. “Shout out, word to your mother.”

While Pine’s character in the box-office-smashing DC Comics flick, Steve Trevor, appeared to have died in the first Wonder Woman installment, he surprised fans in June of last year when he popped up in a still from the sequel’s set.

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Titled Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel fast-forwards to the ’80s after the first was set during World War I.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters November 1, 2019. Pine’s new TV show I Am the Night, directed by Wonder Woman helmer Patty Jenkins, airs on TNT.

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