Armie Hammer wasn't exactly prepared to be included in PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive 2017 issue

Armie Hammer wasn’t exactly prepared to be included in PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive 2017 issue. The Call Me By Your Name star tells PEOPLE Now that he didn’t even know he was in the running!

“I was ambushed with that, by the way, by my publicist who submitted me and never told me because she knows that I would’ve said no!” Hammer, 31, says as his co-star Timothée Chalamet laughs. “Thanks Evelyn, don’t do it again.”

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Credit: Jenny Gage + Tom Betterton

But is his indignation all a ruse? Chalamet jokes that Hammer actually seems a little more cheery since being named one of the Men of the Year — and Hammer plays along.

“I brought a bunch of copies to hand out, already signed,” the actor jokes. “And I brought some where I just crossed out Blake Shelton’s face and put my face on top of it.”

Here’s hoping someone is crossing out his face on the cover next year.