Anna Kendrick has a not-so-secret hidden talent -- and it's fun to watch every single time


Anna Kendrick has a not-so-secret hidden talent — and it’s fun to watch every single time.

The A Simple Favor actress stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday where she showed off her rapping skills once again after host Ellen DeGeneres asked her to. The two traded favors in honor of the movie, which stars Blake Lively and Kendrick as new friends before Lively mysteriously disappears.

Kendrick, 33, first asks DeGeneres, 60, if she can take over her Twitter account, which the host lets her do after approving the three tweets she wants to send: “A Simple Favor is so great, it’ll change your life,” “A Simple Favor is so amazing, it’ll get you laid,” and “Anna Kendrick is my favorite person of all time.”

Credit: Mei Tao

But it turns out DeGeneres was just baiting her into a trap when she quickly asks the actress to recreate a scene in the movie where she raps in the car. Kendrick first showed off her skills in the first Pitch Perfect when she rapped along to “No Diggity.”

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Even though she’s initially embarrassed, Kendrick quickly agrees and launches into a perfectly memorized rendition of M.O.P.’s “Ante Up.”

A Simple Favor hits theaters Sept. 14.