Wonder Woman almost wasn't the strong, confident Amazonian hero fans know her to be today

June 02, 2017 12:25 PM


Wonder Woman almost wasn’t the strong, confident Amazonian hero fans know her to be today.

With Gal Gadot‘s critically praised Wonder Woman opening Friday, an unearthed clip of the first attempt to bring Wonder Woman to life in 1967 has surfaced — and it’s cringeworthy, to say the least.

Producer William Dozier’s failed attempt at a Wonder Woman sitcom titled Wonder Woman: Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince? starred Ellie Wood Walker as the titular hero and Maudie Prickett as her mother.

In the five-minute clip above, Diana Prince is berated for being single by her nagging mother as she tries to prepare for a mission— that is after she falls out of a chair while trying to read a newspaper.

“How do you expect to get a husband flying around all the time?” asks Prickett’s character, who chides her daughter for being “single and 28 million years old!”

Entertainment Weekly’s “Ultimate Guide to Wonder Woman” is out now.


The short also attempts to sexualize the hero once she is in her costume. Wonder Woman spends nearly a full minute admiring and blowing kisses at herself in a mirror. (Linda Harrison played Wonder Woman’s reflection.)


The clip ends with her kind of taking off in flight.

While this version never made it to air (and probably for good reason), the Wonder Woman character was eventually brought to life by Lynda Carter in the successful 1970s series.

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