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September 29, 2016 10:30 PM

Warren Beatty is looking for the presidential treatment if there’s ever a biopic made about his life.

The Rules Don’t Apply director participated in a Reddit Q&A on Thursday, and answered a slew of fan submitted questions, including who he would like to see as a fictionalized version of himself.

“Ronald Reagan. Or maybe Barack Obama,” he told Reddit user SashaLaw, who submitted the question. “I might add that Ronald Reagan, who was a friend of mine, once said to me (not joking) that he did not know how anyone could be President now without being an actor.”

Another Redditor, FrontRowSteve, asked Beatty what he was up to during his break from film. “I have been experiencing fatherhood with the 5 most fascinating people on earth, [my wife] Annette [Bening] and my four kids whom I like to refer to as ‘4 small Eastern European countries, all democracies but with chiefs of state firmly ensconced. And each one more interesting than any 5 movies,” he replied.

A user from Mexico asked Beatty about his favorite memory from filming Bonnie and Clyde. “That my mother and father visited me on the set for the first time since it was the first movie I produced,” he answered.

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“My mother was a smoker. She and my father sat in and witnessed a production meeting,” Beatty continued. “I saw her smoking and I asked her in front of the group if she loved me. There was an embarrassing silence. She said to me, ‘Of course, I love you. Why would you ask a question like that?’ I then said, ‘Well if you love me, will you put that cigarette out and never smoke another one?’
She stared down at the cigarette in her hand for a while and then she put it out. She never smoked another cigarette.”

The screen legend’s new film, Rules Don’t Apply, hits theaters November 23.

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