"Your Friend Gordo" reached out to a few lucky individuals on April 1 with gifts that were both personal and unsettling


Did you receive an April Fool’s Day gift from your friend Gordo? Do you even have a friend named Gordo?

The Gift is a thriller starring Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall. They play a couple that receives gifts and some unwanted scrutiny from someone claiming to be an old school friend, Gordo. And while The Gift doesn’t hit theaters until July 31, a few writers, editors and other media types across the country have received gifts from Gordo.

Writer Dan Solomon explained in an article for Fast Company that years ago, he made a joke about getting the vanity license plate “AIKMAN” so cops would give him a pass when he was driving around his hometown of Austin, Texas.

That’s exactly what he got in a neatly wrapped gift box: a Texas license plate reading “AIKMAN,” along with a note signed @YourFriendGordo.

Other recipients of @YourFriendGordo’s attention took to social media – with an understandable mix of amusement and bemusement.

Buzzfeed editor Jarett Wieselmen was either playing along or genuinely confused.

Meriah Doty, editor at Yahoo Movies, was sent a Lambchop puppet in spite of her fear of puppets.

Alex Billington of FirstShowing.net got a reference about his Eagle Scout days and a recent trip to Oslo.

KISSFM personality Brady seemed genuinely disturbed how this mystery person knew about his sixth birthday party.

And PEOPLE’s own Saryn Chorney, an avowed Fred Savage fan, got a sleep mask.

It’s both clever and creepy, but what @YourFriendGordo is listening to is even creepier.

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