Vin Diesel Wields Flaming Sword in 'The Last Witch Hunter' Teaser Trailer

The first trailer for Vin Diesel's new film, The Last Witch Hunter was released on Wednesday


He’s battled alien armies in The Chronicles of Riddick, rogue agents in Furious 7, and now he’s gearing up to hunt some witches.

The first teaser trailer for Vin Diesel’s new supernatural thriller, The Last Witch Hunter, was released on Wednesday, and it looks like once again the fate of the world is in the action star’s capable hands.

Diesel plays an immortal witch hunter named Kaulder, who’s the only man that can stop the witch covens of New York City from ending the world with a terrifying plague.

In order to stop them, Kaulder teams up with a beautiful witch, played by Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie.

Production on the film was initially delayed after filming on Furious 7 was stalled in the wake of Paul Walker’s death.

Last summer, Diesel shared his excitement about the project on Facebook, writing, “I just read the latest draft of The Last Witch Hunter… wow, amazing! I literally needed to go off alone, to digest and reflect… It will be an exciting challenge to bring the character of Kaulder to life…”

The Last Witch Hunter is directed by Bruce Eisner, and also stars Elijah Wood, Michael Caine, and wrestling star Kurt Angle.

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