Vin Diesel Speaks Out Amid 'Fast 8' Feud with The Rock: 'I Will Tell You Everything'

A day after news of his alleged feud with The Rock surfaced, Vin Diesel took to Instagram with a message of his own

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“I will tell you everything. Everything.”

That’s what Vin Diesel is saying after his longstanding beef with Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson became public this week.

Johnson was first to publicly drop hints about a feud on the set of Fast 8 with a lengthy Instagram rant calling out “some” of his male costars on Monday, saying, “Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken s— to do anything about it anyway. Candy asses.”

But after reports surfaced that the two had a secret meeting to hash out their differences, Diesel took to Instagram early Thursday morning to let his fans know how he’s doing. And it all comes down to one word he learned from his 16-month old daughter Pauline: happy.

The 49-year-old actor explained: “After being on set since literally Christmas, to finally finally finally come home and to learn that little Pauline learned a new word? I’m going to have to share it with you – it’s more important than anything. Her new word kind of describes my spirit and my soul, and most people who stay positive. The new word is ‘Happy.’ ”

“When I heard her say happy, I just lit up in ways I can’t even describe,” he continued, before laying down his aforementioned, cyptic promise to speak out: “I will tell you everything. Everything.”

Diesel has been with the Fast and the Furious franchise since its first installment, and has served as a producer on the series since its fourth sequel. Johnson joined in Fast 5.

According to TMZ, their conflict stemmed from decisions Diesel has made as a producer.

It’s unclear whether the two reached any resolution in their on-set meeting. But a source close to the production told PEOPLE the feud didn’t happen overnight. “Tension has been building up for months,” the source said.

“Vin has been having problems with The Rock because The Rock keep showing up late for production,” the source said. “Sometimes he doesn’t show up at all and he’s delaying the production.”

“I don’t know what’s going on with The Rock,” the insider continued. “He is always late and it really has delayed our production. Vin just couldn’t take it anymore.”

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Another source told Page Six that it was Diesel who was “was constantly late [when we worked together]. The source added that Diesel “acted like a diva and has held up production before” and that “it’s not surprising that he’s the one The Rock is calling out.”

There have also been reports of diva behavior on Diesel’s part, notably during the filming of Fast 7. “Vin spent a whole day in his trailer one day,” a source told The Hollywood Reporter in October. “The next day, they waited four hours for him. He called a meeting [May 28] of studio execs to his trailer for two-and-a-half hours to say, ‘What the f— am I doing here?’ ”

But regardless of the cause of the drama, both parties appear to want to move forward.

On Wednesday, Johnson seemingly addressed the issue again in another Instagram post.

“You guys reading this know how much I believe in the idea of TEAM EFFORT,” he wrote. “That means respecting every person, their time and their value when they step on to my set or partner with our production company. And like with any team – that’s a family – there’s gonna be conflict.”

“Family is gonna have differences of opinion and fundamental core beliefs,” he continued. “To me, conflict can be a good thing, when its (sic) followed by great resolution. I was raised on healthy conflict and welcome it. And like any family, we get better from it.

Johnson concluded: “At the end of the day me and #F8 co-stars all agree on the most important thing: Delivering an incredible movie to the world.”

Fast 8 is slated to hit theaters April 14, 2017.

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