PEOPLE Now takes an exclusive tour of the

By Lindsay Kimble
October 21, 2015 02:30 PM

When Marty McFly traveled to Oct. 21, 2015, in Back to the Future Part II, he did it in style.

In honor of Back to the Future Day, PEOPLE Now got a special tour of the,‘s special souped-up version of the film’s iconic DeLorean time machine.

Starting with the original stainless-steel ’80s car, West Coast Customs created what the company’s CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus says is “what it would look like if they did a new Back to the Future.”

The white vehicle features a redesigned face, which was widened from the original frame by 6 inches.

“The only thing that’s original left on this car is the actual door hinges,” Friedlinghaus tells PEOPLE.

The includes custom wheels and interior technology that’s completely controlled by the singer’s iPad.

“All of his music, everything’s on there,” Friedlinghaus says.

“The way he described it to me originally was ‘I wanna see what a DeLorean would look like if it was built in 2020.’ We really collaborate on all the cars we built together. It’s like he tells me what he wants, we start it and then he kinda finishes it.”

Friedlinghaus says that approved every single one of the pieces in the car, including the “big knob” that is used for controls on the center console.

In the popular 1989 movie, Michael J. Fox’s character travels to the future – Wednesday’s actual date.

The special occasion – 26 years in the making – officially means that all of Back to the Future officially takes place in the past.