It's Here: The 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer Offers Abs, Abs, Abs and Abs

See the cast of the upcoming Magic Mike sequel in action

Photo: Claudette Barius

Is there still magic in that Mike?

That’s the question that the new trailer for Magic Mike XXL asks. You can decide for yourselves what the answer is.

The new footage gives us our first peek at some of the sequel’s supporting characters, like the club owner (Jada Pinkett Smith) promoting the guys’ show or the Southern belle (Andie MacDowell) who’s more than happy to make the acquaintance of Joe Manganiello’s character.

Oh, and it also has lots of abs – Channing Tatum’s abs, Matt Bomer’s abs, Joe Manganiello’s abs, Adam Rodriguez’s abs – just in case you were under the impression that this movie might be about men who keep their shirts on.

And yes, the promo hashtag is #ComeAgain, in case you were somehow not yet clear on what this movie was selling.

Magic Mike XXL hits theaters on July 1.

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