A Funny or Die short has Christina Applegate starring in a Lifetime original movie about Meryl Streep

By Drew Mackie
Updated September 01, 2015 11:00 PM

Lifetime has been on top of the unauthorized biopic game for a while now, so hey – why not dig up some dirt on the No. 1 actress in Hollywood?

That’s the idea behind this new Funny or Die short, which features Christina Applegate playing the lead role in Meryl: The Lifetime Biopic. As the cable original version of Meryl Streep, Applegate takes on Adaptation, Doubt, Julie & Julia, The Devil Wears Prada and more. She fails, of course, but the trailer even notes that she’s not even really trying. Also, there’s no dirt to be dug up – Streep is squeaky clean, it turns out.

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The premise of the video – that Streep is just good at everything she does – is similar to one from Saturday Night Live did in 2010, with Abby Elliott wowing crowds with an ice skating show at Madison Square Garden after only having skated twice before.

If you’re going to get made fun of, you could do a lot worse than having all the jokes hinge around you being too naturally successful.