"I don't do rock," says the star of the new rock movie musical," Bandslam
Credit: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Vanessa Hudgens found it difficult to channel her inner rock star for her new movie Bandslam, the musical movie that opens Aug. 14. Hudgens’s character is named Sa5m, described as a student with untapped musical talents.

“It was awkward for me,” the High School Musical series star, 20, tells MTV.com. “I don’t do rock … that’s not my thing.”

Ironically, that helped her accomplish her job. “My awkwardness-ish worked for the character because she’s supposed to be really shy and she still owns it. Hopefully, that’s what I did. ”

Hudgens also owns up to being fickle when it comes to style. Asked who inspires her when it comes to fashion, the actress says “it depends on the day.” She calls her personal style “bohemian mixed with tribal mixed with rocker-ish … I’m all over the place.”
Liza Hamm