October 21, 2015 11:10 AM

The Back to the Future Day fun continues: USA TodayMarty McFly‘s newspaper of choice – will release a special themed front page tomorrow, in honor of Back to the Future Part II.

Nostalgic fans of the film trilogy will remember Michael J. Fox’s character poring over the Oct. 22, 2015, edition of the paper to make sure his past, present and future stayed intact as he fiddled around with his destiny on Oct. 21.

The newspaper has paid tribute to the 26-year-old blockbuster by creating a special rendition of the Hill Valley paper edition from the film.

While the main headlines from the movie version remain in tact (“Youth jailed” and “Cholesterol may be cancer cure”), the staff at USA Today got creative, filling the page with Easter eggs and jokes about the world today.

Highlights include America’s first female president (which is not yet a reality), a negative review of the infamous Jaws 19 and a preview of a Vietnam surfing championship.

The lengthier pieces feature a faux interview with the film’s actual director, Robert Zemeckis, and a survey on the gullibility of Americans regarding fake news.

USA Today will wrap all papers on newsstands Thursday with the special film version.

While the 1989 film got a surprising amount of things right about 2015, some predictions have yet to come true.

“Yes, it is different than we all thought,” Christopher Lloyd said in character as Doc Brown for a special video released on Wednesday, “but don’t worry – it just means your future hasn’t been written yet, no one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it – so make it a good one.”

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