April 28, 2014 02:45 PM

In what’s likely the first-ever Up-related dispute in history, one family of Pixar fans have their neighbors fuming after renovating their California home to resemble the one in the animated film.

Did they attach hundreds of balloons to their house, sending it high into the sky? Not quite. As a gift to their children, Hosam Haggog and Fatina Rahman spent two years painting their old Victorian home in the same pastel tones as the house in the 2009 film.

Their neighbors in the historic center of Santa Clara are not impressed.

“I don’t think it fits in,” Lou Faria, a member of the Old Quad Residents Association, told NBC Bay Area. “This Victorian is a gracious old lady, and it’s being painted up to look like a clown.”

The renovations made it through the city’s approval process without issue, so the unhappy neighbors are stuck with the paint job. Some of them are trying to make the best of it; as neighbor Chuck Petersen told NBC, “Down the line, it’s going to be repainted again anyway.”

At least they’re lucky Haggog and Rahman’s children weren’t huge fans of WALL-E.

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