Busson will get monthly visitation with their daughter
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Uma Thurman‘s custody battle is reportedly over.

Thurman, 46, signed an agreement with her ex Arpad Busson, that gives her primary custody of her their 4-year-old daughter Luna, reports Page Six.

“It’s a wonderful thing to have closure,” Thurman said Friday outside Manhattan Supreme Court, according to Page Six.

Busson will get monthly visitation with their daughter.

The judge encouraged the former couple to try to get along for the sake fo their daughter.

“At this point, Luna has all the advantages in life,” said Justice Matthew Cooper, per Page Six. “She has two parents who love her, two parents who amply provide for her.”

“The only thing that’s lacking — and I hope it’s forthcoming — is that her parents can reach some sort of place in life where they can put aside their rancor and their anger against one another and can join together — never loving each other or even liking each other — at least being able to cooperate,” he continued.

The agreement comes after a bitter eight-day court battle in which both Thuman and Busson slammed one another on the stand.

“If we can get to that point where the parents can work together collectively, then Luna will have everything any child could ever want in life,” the judge urged.

The former couple dated on and off from 2007 through 2014. They were engaged twice but never married. Busson sued Thurman in 2014 asking to spend more time with their daughter, Luna.