Twitter Can't Believe How Much Charlize Theron Looks Like Megyn Kelly in 'Bombshell' : 'I'm Shook'

The film about late Fox News CEO and chairman Roger Ailes' sexual harassment scandal also stars Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie

Following Wednesday’s release of the first Bombshell trailer, Twitter users could not get over star Charlize Theron’s transformation into former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Bombshell follows late, disgraced Fox News CEO and chairman Roger Ailes’ fall from grace at the network after being accused of sexual harassment by numerous women, including Kelly and Gretchen Carlson, played by Nicole Kidman in the movie. John Lithgow portrays Ailes, who died in 2018; Margot Robbie joins as a fictional news producer; and Connie Britton, Mark Duplass, Alice Eve, Allison Janney and Kate McKinnon round out the star-studded cast.

Bombshell trailer
Lionsgate Movies; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

“It’s not that i don’t believe that’s charlize theron it’s that i literally cannot recognize her,” user @dudski wrote.

“Charlize Theron looks *SO* much like Megyn Kelly here….I’m shook!!!” Alp Ozcelik tweeted.

The transformation worked so well that one Twitter user couldn’t even believe that was Theron in the trailer. “Looks good but no way that’s charlize theron,” @blackswnn wrote.

The forthcoming film marks the latest of Theron’s transformations for a role. The actress, 44, won an Oscar for her unrecognizable performance as a serial killer in 2003’s Monster, shaved her head in 2012 for Mad Max: Fury Road and gained 50 pounds for 2018’s Tully, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

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And Twitter acknowledged just how different Theron always tends to look in her movies.

“The charlize-theron-manages-to-transform-her-face-to-the-point-of-being-unrecognizable cinematic universe at it again,” tweeted @chastaen.

Added Elijah Sarkesian, “Damn. That’s the most unrecognizable Charlize Theron’s looked since Monster. And she’s really playing a monster this time.”

Bombshell is due out in December.

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