Get an inside look at how fans spent their weekend in the real-life Twilight town of Forks, Wash.


Ever wonder what it’s like inside the halls where Twilight vampire Edward met his mortal love Bella? Well, some dedicated Twilighters got the chance to do so last weekend at Summer School in Forks: A Twilight Symposium.

The fan event, which took place in the small town of Forks, Wash. (population 3,000) – where author Stephenie Meyer set her romantic saga – gave lovers of all things Twilight the opportunity to attend classes about the novel at Forks High, tour the town and party at a real-life prom – just like Edward and Bella!

“The town was having some major economic issues, because their major export was logging – and then Twilight came along,” popular Twlight blogger Kaleb Nation told MTV News. “And if you look at Forks now, Stephenie has transformed this town into a Twilight tourism economy. It’s crazy.”

Here were some highlights from the eventful weekend, where two Twilighters could attend for $300:

• Forks Tour:
The town has transformed into a mecca for Twilighters, with signs that read, “Edward Cullen Slept Here” and meals dubbed a “Twilight Dinner” (served by waitresses with Alice pixie cuts!) Cutouts of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart linger in store fronts selling Twilight gear, while Forks High features lockers reserved just for Edward and Bella.

• Forks High Prom:
The prom on Saturday was set in the Forks High Gym featuring performances by popular Twilight acts, Bella Cullen Project, Bella Rocks and the Mitch Hansen Band. Two fans were also crowned the Summer School in Forks Prom King and Queen!

• Summer Graduation:
Attendees of the Summer School even received diplomas at a graduation ceremony set in the school’s cafeteria on Sunday. Writer Larry Carroll of MTV’s “Twilight Tuesdays” column delivered the keynote address.

“As the line between fiction and fact continued to blur,” Carroll said of the event, “The Twilighters exchanged hugs and phone numbers, taking home the memories of a lifetime along with their diplomas.”