"When you run out of toilet paper, you better use a brown paper bag," says the actor-comedian

Like all of us, Tracy Morgan has found himself cobbling together a list of go-to supplies to help ease the burden of quarantine living.

There are the traditional must-haves: “You need your mask and gloves, but you also need toilet paper,” the Last O.G. star tells PEOPLE in the latest issue.

But Morgan’s survival kit also features some unusual options – and nifty at-home hacks.

“When you run out of toilet paper, you better use a brown paper bag,” says the actor-comedian, 51, who has been hunkered down with his wife, Megan, and their 6-year-old daughter Maven in their suburban New Jersey home for the last two months. “You have to rub the bag together so the edges don’t cut you!”

Another substitute is newspaper. “And you can always use some newspaper,” he says. “As my mother used to say, “Go get that newspaper!”

tracy morgan
Tracy Morgan
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tracy morgan and family
Tracy Morgan and family
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When in doubt, Morgan looks to his grandmother’s advice to help life go...smoother. “[She] said cocoa butter will heal anything. It was, ‘Go put some cocoa butter on it!’,” says Morgan, who also recommends keeping a stock of Motrin around. “And for ladies, you better get some Motrin, because I’m going to get on your nerves and you’re going to have a headache!”

Kidding aside, Morgan, whose animated comedy Scoob! hits premium video on-demand platforms on May 15, says he really only needs one thing to get through this trying time: family.

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“We’re taking this time to get closer—loving more and being patient with each other,” he says. “My life is always so busy, so now I get time to just be with my family.”

Morgan calls COVID-19 an “equalizer” and desperately hopes people learn from what he considers a historic and bonding moment. “It’s a shame it took this pandemic for everybody to realize we are all in this together,” he says. “We’ve just got to love each other!”

As for what the star is most looking forward to after quarantine, Morgan doesn’t miss a beat. “I just want to hug my mother,” he says. “I want to hug the world... I just can’t wait to hug everybody. I mean that with all my heart.”