Dan Rather says the film is "very accurate" after its premiere at the 40th Toronto International Film Festival

By Alynda Wheat
Updated September 13, 2015 03:00 PM
Credit: Getty

Legendary newsman Dan Rather dropped his guard at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Truth, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The emotional moment came when an audience member asked if he would do anything differently. “Journalism is not an exact science,” he explained, continuing that there were “plenty of things I would do over.”

Truth recreates the seminal events around Rather’s 2006 ouster from CBS News after airing a highly controversial report on then-President George W. Bush’s military record. The report alleged that the former president dodged the draft to avoid combat in the Vietnam War. Robert Redford portrays Rather in the film, while Cate Blanchett stars as the award-winning producer Mary Mapes, who followed Rather out the door.

“The acting is superior. I think it’s an emotional film,” Rather said. “Of course, people will say I found it emotional because it’s about me. But I say that as objectively as I can.”

Ever the journalist, Rather emphasized the film’s integrity. “Naturally I was pleased and pleasantly surprised,” he said. “The film is very accurate. A film called Truth should be accurate.”

The drama, which premiered to a standing ovation from the Toronto audience, focuses on Mapes and her relationship with Rather, said director James Vanderbilt. “I was surprised to see how much they respected each other and cared for each other, and that’s where I was able to hook into what I wanted the movie to be about.”

Also starring Topher Grace, Elisabeth Moss and Dennis Quaid, Truth hits theaters Oct. 16.

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