Tom Cruise has signed up, but what about his wingmen (and women)?

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Feeling the need? The need for speed? Soon, you may get it.

Top Gun 2 moved a little closer to takeoff this week, as Paramount and Skydance have found a writer for the long-awaited sequel to the 1986 classic starring Tom Cruise.

Justin Marks, who wrote Disney’s upcoming live-action version of The Jungle Book, is in negotiations to work on Top Gun 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, Cruise, 52, is set to reprise his role as Naval aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in a plot that reportedly will emphasize the relevance of pilots in the modern age of drone warfare.

In Paris in May, Cruise told a reporter when asked about a sequel, “I would love to fly those jets, the newer ones. That would be so much fun. It would be insane.”

The question is: Who will be his wingmen (and women)?

Val Kilmer (Iceman) and Anthony Edwards (Goose) actually worked together recently, both voicing characters in Disney’s 2013 animated movie Planes. Kilmer, 54, could return for Top Gun 2, but (spoiler alert!) it would be tougher to figure out a plausible role for Edwards, 52, who died in the original.

Asked last year if Top Gun gave him some cred with his kids, the actor told PEOPLE: “It’s not that my kids are the hugest Top Gun fans, but whenever there’s a reference to it from somewhere else, like when this year on New Girl, one of the characters said, ‘No one dies like Anthony Edwards’ – they get really proud.”

The original movie’s two female stars might not be shoo-ins for a sequel, either. Meg Ryan (Carole), 52, the onetime queen of romantic comedies, has famously stepped away from Hollywood. And Kelly McGillis (Charlie), 57, only recently returned to acting after her own decade-long hiatus – and is doing mostly small indie films now.

For our money, it will all be worth it if Tom Skerritt – still active at 81 – returns as Viper.

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