Spies in Disguise is in theaters Dec. 25


Tom Holland and Will Smith are on a mission in their first film together.

The new trailer for their upcoming animated film Spies in Disguise dropped on Monday. It follows Smith’s Lance Sterling, “the world’s greatest spy,” and Holland’s genius scientist Walter Beckett as they team up to save the world.

The catch? Beckett accidentally turns Sterling into a pigeon after the super spy drinks one of Beckett’s experiments.

“Subject appears disoriented,” Beckett says as Sterling runs around his apartment in his new pigeon form. “Pigeons are everywhere and nobody notices them! It’s the most perfect form a spy can take.”

Unamused, Sterling stalks toward Beckett saying, “You better un-bird me right now. That’s it, I’m not playing with you — un-bird me!”

Will Smith, Tom Holland Spies in Disguise
Tom Holland and Will Smith in Spies in Disguise
| Credit: 20th Century Fox

In an instant, however, he changes his tone, saying, “I’m raising my voice, I probably shouldn’t be raising my voice at you. I need you to un-bird me, Walter.”

“Technically, you birded yourself,” Beckett tells him, to which Sterling hilariously says, “O-ho-ho, I’m gonna hurt this boy.”

Ben Mendelsohn, Karen Gillan, Rashida Jones, DJ Khaled and Masi Oka round out the voice cast.

Spies in Disguise is in theaters Dec. 25.