WATCH: Tom Holland's Spidey Senses Take a Hit After He Had His Wisdom Tooth Removed

The Spider-Man: Homecoming star struggled to remain sitting upright after getting a wisdom tooth removed in this hilarious video

It seems Spider-Man will be out of commission for a while.

The star of Marvel’s recent web-slinging adaption, Tom Holland, might not have been feeling well, but his friends were there to help – and capture everything on camera.

In a hilarious Instagram video uploaded to his account on Tuesday, Holland struggles to sit up or even realize an ice pack is not a cell phone after getting a wisdom tooth removed.

“You’re doing great,” Holland’s friend, Harrison Osterfield, says off-camera.

Confused, the actor tries to take a phone call from his hospital bed, however despite having his phone in one hand, the star “answers” his ice pack instead.

“You… you… hello?” Holland says, causing light laughter in the room.

As Holland struggles to stay sitting up his brother, Sam, steps in and the actor’s eyes grow wide.

Holland continues to struggle to remain his balance even while sitting, until Sam rearranges him on the bed.

No hard feelings were harbored by the 21-year-old British actor against his friend and brother for taking a video. He thanked them for watching over him, writing in the caption, “Thanks lads for looking after me 😂 @hazosterfield@samholland1999! I feel 1/4 less wise haha.”

Holland is currently filming Chaos Walking, and will also reprise his role of Spider-Man in a sequel film to Marvel’s Homecoming, as well as the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

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