The sinister residents of Knockemstiff converge around Tom Holland's Arvin in the creepy first trailer

By Ale Russian
August 13, 2020 11:14 AM

Netflix's star-studded The Devil All the Time is as creepy as it is mysterious.

The first trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock's award-winning novel is out, with the story centered around a small town and its inhabitants — and the secrets that haunt them.

Tom Holland stars in the movie as Arvin Russell, a young orphan who has to fight to protect those he loves from the sinister characters that surround them, including Robert Pattinson's unholy and dangerous priest.

The trailer starts out with Arvin inheriting his dead father's gun. The scenes then flash back and forth between the movie's present time and World War II. Arvin's father (Bill Skarsgard) served in the war and seemed to have come across something that haunted him.

Credit: Netflix

"How and why people from two points on a map with not even a straight line between them can be connected is at the heart of our story in Knockemstiff," a narrator says, naming the town in Ohio where the movie takes place. "Some people would say it's just dumb luck, others would tell you it was God's plan. When people look back on it, they had no other choice.

Credit: Netflix

After showing how creepy the town is, with dead bodies and questionable religious rituals, the trailer ends teasing a confrontation between Arvin and Pattinson's character.

"What I'm about to do I do because I have to, not because I want to," Arvin says.

Credit: Netflix

The star-studded movie also features Jason Clarke and Riley Keough as a twisted couple, Sebastian Stan as a corrupt sheriff, Eliza Scanlen as his foster sister and Mia Wasikowska, Harry Melling, Haley Bennett, and Pokey LaFarge as some of the notable townspeople.

The Devil All the Time starts streaming on Netflix September 16.