September 06, 2016 02:55 PM

Tom Hiddleston has one more thing in common with girlfriend Taylor Swift – after Monday, both have had their award speeches interrupted. Luckily, Kanye West was not involved this time around.

The 35-year-old actor was unable to attend the TV Choice Awards in London on Monday, but he got a surprise visit from his famous friends while accepting an award for his role in The Night Manager via video message.

It isn’t long before Hiddleston’s Thor costar Chris Hemsworth wanders into the frame and assumes the award is for Home and Away, an Australian soap opera Hemsworth starred in back in the day.

“Oh, this is for us hey? That’s for Home and Away yeah? … All the work I did on [it],” Hemsworth joked while holding the award. “Thanks everyone at Channel 7, I loved working on Home and Away.”

Idris Elba then joins the party. Upon learning what the trophy is for, he asks, “How come Luther didn’t get nominated?”

The Beasts of No Nation star, 44, even takes the opportunity to give a quick shout-out to his mother.

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Finally, Hiddleston regains control and is able to give a proper thank-you to fans and crew of The Night Manager for the prize.

“Chris and Idris are super happy about it, and so am I, so thank you very much!” he says.

However, Hemsworth, 33, gets in one last nod to his old show.

Home and Away rocks,” Hemsworth cries, before adding, “And so does The Night Manager.”

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