Tom Hardy Has to Get a Very Special Tattoo After Losing a Bet to Leonardo DiCaprio

Tom Hardy, who appeared in 2015's The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio, told Esquire that he might have to get some permanent body art after losing a bet to the star

Tom Hardy 3
Photo: Esquire/Greg Williams

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s intuition has gotten the best of Tom Hardy.

Hardy, who appeared in 2015’s The Revenant with DiCaprio, told Esquire in a new interview that he might have to get some permanent body art after losing a bet to the star.

The pair’s wager involved awards season recognition: DiCaprio speculated that his castmate would get an Oscar nod for his role in the critically acclaimed epic, while Hardy took the opposite position. The loser would be forced to get a tattoo of the winner’s choice.

Hardy was ultimately nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards for his turn as John Fitzgerald — meaning, he lost the bet. DiCaprio was, the 30-year-old told Esquire, readily prepared with a design.

“He wrote, in this really s—-y handwriting: ‘Leo knows everything,’ ” shared Hardy. “Ha! I was like, ‘OK, I’ll get it done, but you have to write it properly.’ ”

Hardy added, “I haven’t got it yet because it sucks.”

DiCaprio was similarly nominated at the Oscars for the critically-praised film, and took home the Best Actor trophy.

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Hardy, who is starring in the upcoming BBC drama Taboo, hasn’t always been hanging with the likes of Hollywood’s biggest players, though.

Tom Hardy 2
Esquire/Greg Williams

In his younger years, Hardy battled drug addiction and says he considers himself “f—— lucky to be alive,” he told Essentials last year. He’s been sober since 2003.

He reflected on his past again to Esquire, saying, “There were systematically, constantly, things that were put across my path where it was, ‘Tom, you need to wake up because there are more important things to do. And you keep on doing stuff that’s nonsense, and you of all people have been born with opportunities.’ ”

Hardy continued, “So I had words with myself about the reality of wanking about when there’s such a lot to be getting on with.”

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