Lauren from Fordham University: Tom Hanks Has Found Your ID and Is Looking for You!

Tom Hanks tweeted a photo of a Fordham University student's lost ID on Tuesday

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Calling Lauren from Fordham University: Tom Hanks has your student ID.

One New York City college student may have lost her on-campus identification, but she definitely gained an unforgettable story.

The Oscar winner shared a photo of the girl’s lost ID through his Twitter account on Tuesday in an attempt to return the card.

“Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park,” Hanks wrote, making sure to cover up the student’s last name in the picture. “If you still need it my office will get to you. Hanx.”

While it seems Lauren has yet to respond to Hanks, several Twitter users reached out on her behalf.

Others tried to jump on the missing badge bandwagon.

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Hanks is no stranger to sharing his goodwill via the Internet. In September, the star responded to a central California high school’s invitation to their Hanks-themed homecoming. After an online campaign to catch the actor’s attention, they did just that – Hanks tweeted he was “working on something for the festivities.”

The Bridge of Spies star was also once a fervent documenter of the lost gloves he found on Manhattan’s streets. No word on if he ever located the owners.

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