Tom Hanks Slams 'Intentional Hoax' Ad That Shows Him Endorsing CBD Product: 'This Is False'

Dr. Oz, who is mentioned in the fake endorsement, asserted that the ad was not real and stood up for Tom Hanks on social media

Tom Hanks isn’t letting anybody get away with stealing his identity.

On Tuesday, the actor, 63, responded to an online scam claiming he endorsed a CBD company, asserting that the advertisement was a “false and intentional hoax.”

According to the screenshot shared by Hanks, the advertisement depicted the actor as a user of the product Cannapro CBD.

“The advances Doctor Oz has made in the CBS industry are remarkable. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t had the chance to try it out for myself,” the false endorsement read.

In response to the impersonation, Hanks assured his followers he “never said this and would never make such an endorsement.”

“Come on, man! Hanx!” he added.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was mentioned as a supporter in the fake endorsement, also shared that the ad was not real and stood up for Hanks on social media.

“Could not agree more with @tomhanks,” the television personality tweeted. “This is a fake and misleading advertisement intended to take advantage of consumers using false claims and our likenesses illegally.”

What’s more, Oz, 59, added that he is “not involved with any cannabis companies.”

This isn’t the first time Hanks has had his identity toyed with online.

In July 2019, the Sully actor was pulled into a phoney endorsement for Cali Naturals, another CBD product.

The Oscar-winner shared the post on Instagram, telling viewers the ad was “fraud” and an “internet fake.”

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