Josh Gad had Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy and more Splash stars on the latest episode of his new web series, Reunited Apart

By Ally Mauch
May 27, 2020 11:47 AM

Nearly 40 years after Splash first premiered, the cast of the 1984 comedy reunited to reminisce on everything from learning how to scuba dive to Daryl Hannah’s mermaid tail.

Josh Gad invited Splash stars Hannah, Tom Hanks and Eugene Levy to his new web series, Reunited Apart, along with director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer. Ryan Reynolds also made a surprise appearance at the reunion, honoring the late John Candy, who plays Hanks’ brother in Splash.

The Disney film follows Hanks' character as he falls in love with Hannah’s mermaid, Madison, when she saves him from drowning. When Madison decides to leave her ocean dwelling for land, hilarity and romance ensue.

Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks in Splash
| Credit: Touchstone/Kobal/Shutterstock

Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks in Splash

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"I was terrified because I was still, even though I was like 21 or 22, I still really hadn't had a boyfriend," Hannah, 59, said of all the kissing scenes in Splash. "I was terrified about the kiss."

The actress went on to note that there was some difficulty in filming the underwater scenes with Hanks, 63.

"Tom and I didn't have masks so we couldn't really see,” she said. “So it was like hit or miss whether we got the signals or understood them."

Howard added that everyone on the set of Splash had to become a scuba diver in order to master those underwater scenes.

“That was one of the best great adventures of the whole thing,” Hanks said. “Between going on vacation and getting paid to learn how to scuba dive.”

Credit: Touchstone/Kobal/Shutterstock

Hanks also discussed Hannah's impressively realistic mermaid tail.

“Daryl had to spend hours getting glued into that very painful thing,” he recalled. “I remember seeing your toes once, Daryl, and they had to squeeze them in so hard they were bleeding.”

“I still have the scar!” Hannah responded, holding up her foot for the camera.