Tom Cruise Shows Off His Top Guns on Set of 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back'

Tom Cruise was spotted looking ripped on the set of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in New Orleans on Sunday

Photo: Splash News

Tom Cruise was looking ripped at 53 on the set of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in New Orleans on Sunday.

Cruise, who’s been filming the action sequel since mid-October, was spotted over the weekend in a muscle-exposing green shirt and jeans while filming a scene with costar Cobie Smulders.

“He is in a great mood, always smiling and he seems so happy,” a source on the set tells PEOPLE.

Whether the age-defying Cruise is playing a secret agent in this year’s Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation or a former army major gone rogue in the Jack Reacher series, he’s always in top physical condition and often takes on his own stunts.

“Tom is very involved in the shooting of this film,” the source says. “When his is not in a scene, he is on the radio talking to the crew and staying in contact with the entire film set.”

On Monday, four blocks in the Business District of New Orleans were blocked off for shooting. In the scene, the source says Cruise and Smulders darted through Lafayette Square Park while trying to escape the Hunter, played by Patrick Heusinger.

“He seems very invested in making the scenes perfect,” the source adds. “After every shot, he goes back to look at the monitors and discuss any changes with the director and the other members of the crew. He’s all work but seems more laid back and happier than ever. He still finds time to goof off and and enjoy laughs with his costar Cobie Smulder.”

VIDEO: Leah Remini Recalls a Disturbing Conversation With Tom Cruise’s Children About Mom, Nicole Kidman

While details on the film have been sparse so far, Cruise’s personal life has once again entered the spotlight with the release of former Scientology member Leah Remini’s new book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. While the memoir references numerous alleged run-ins between Remini and Cruise over their years together in the church, the actor has remained silent on the controversy.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is slated to hit theaters Oct. 21, 2016, and also stars Madalyn Horcher, Aldis Hodge and Danika Yarosh, Variety reports.

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