"I like a walk through the park. I like all that stuff, you know?" Cruise told Extra.

June 02, 2017 07:25 PM

He usually has them at hello, but that doesn’t stop Tom Cruise from pulling out all the stops for his dates.

The Mummy star and notorious adrenaline junky recently sat down with Extra and was asked if his date nights are as extreme as people might think. “You have no idea!” he said. “You know me — I’m 100 percent or nothing. I’m just not interested in halfway.”

Still, Cruise said he enjoys the simple things and isn’t afraid to get in touch with his affectionate side. “I am a total romantic,” he admits. “I like a walk through the park. I like all that stuff, you know? I really love traveling.”

But even when he’s traveling or on vacation, the Top Gun star does everything to the extreme. Speaking about the intense training he undergoes for his roles, Cruise said, “It’s like, this isn’t a vacation, man. To me, it’s a vacation but I have a very odd sense of what a vacation is. I’m very active on my vacations.”

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Getting in shape for The Mummy, the 54-year-old trained alongside anyone from the cast and crew who wanted to join. “Gotta get in the pain cave, man,” Cruise said. “That’s the workout room we have. I call it the ‘pain cave,’ and underneath it says, ‘Only the motivated may enter.'”

He added, “We have the morning crew, we’ll come in and we’ll do a warm-up. The cast [and] anyone who wants to come in, and we just take ten minutes and fifteen minutes and wake everyone up and it’s usually either after my workout or before my workout or warm-up, depending on what I have that day.”

And the workout regimen doesn’t end with the production. “I’m always fit or trained,” he explained. “Just making movies, you’ve got to be fit. I feel for myself, I’ve got to just take care of myself — making movies, it’s my passion.”

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