Tom Cruise Finds It (Mission) Impossible Not to Laugh in Mad Lib Theater Sketch with Jimmy Fallon

The actor was on the late night show to promote his new movie, Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Tom Cruise can add a stint in Mad Lib Theater to his formidable list of performances.

Cruise participated in the fun segment when he stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday. Fallon, 43, asked Cruise, 56, to fill out a mad lib before the duo acted out the resulting — hilarious — script.

Cruise had some memorable answers as Fallon prompted him to fill in the blanks: A silly word? Pollywog. A curse word a first grader would use? Doody-head. Plural animals? Lemmings.

In the skit, Cruise and Fallon played spies aboard a train — but from the start, neither could keep their composure. “Good evening my little cookie,” Fallon started, prompting a chuckle from Cruise that sent the late night host into hysterics.

After breaking, neither star could keep it together throughout the remainder of the bit. Cruise particularly drew laughs from the audience when he was forced to share his character’s “personal mantra”: “poopity scoop.”

Cruise was visiting The Tonight Show to promote his new film, Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

At the movie’s Paris premiere earlier this month, Cruise told reporters that he spent over a year training for some of the stunts in the action movie.

“The helicopter—that was unique. I took a year and a half training on helicopters,” he explained. “I had to feel in control because I was flying with the rotor blades only a few feet from the cliffs, and I wanted to do that.”

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He added, “Each stunt has its own difficulties. Going through Paris without a helmet with cars driving against you was really a challenge. Very tricky. You don’t want to fall; you don’t have the right to make errors. You’re riding really fast. It’s beautiful but dangerous, and every day that we finished we felt relieved.”

Cruise is also gearing up for another high-flying film: the Top Gun sequel, in which Miles Teller will star opposite Cruise.

Meanwhile, Fallon has been cracking jokes alongside a number of celebrities. Just last week, he had Amanda Seyfried sing Abba songs that had been jumbled by Google Translate. And last month, he performed a classroom-instruments version of “I Want It That Way” with the Backstreet Boys.

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