June 07, 2017 10:37 AM


The Mummy just wants to make some new friends.

Tom Cruise stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday, where he read lines with host Jimmy Fallon in a sketch called “Kid Theater.” The two acted out scenes written by children based on the title of Cruise’s upcoming film The Mummy.

In the first scene, Cruise played a skeleton who was upset with Fallon’s mummy for kicking him.

“Why did you kick me though?” Cruise asked.

“I was mad at you,” Fallon, 42, replied.

“Why?” the actor continued.

“Because you didn’t want to play ‘Duck Duck Goose’ with me,” Fallon said.

After the two talked it out, they decided to solidify their friendship with a new take on a signature handshake.

“Let’s do a head bump,” Cruise added.

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In another scene, Cruise played a 2,000-year-old hot-dog-loving mummy who made friends with a boy at a local park.

“Hey — do you want to be my friend?” Cruise asked Fallon before high-fiving two times.

Cruise could barely contain his laughter throughout the sketch. “I love this,” he said.

Watch the clip above to see the hilarious final scene!

The Mummy hits theaters on Friday.

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