Tina Fey Talks Ghosts, Gift Wars and Why Her Husband Says She Looks Like Johnny Depp

All the hilarious Sisters star's surprising confessions to PEOPLE

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Life’s a juggling act for Tina Fey, what with ghosts to excise, hair to tame and nude photo scandals to avert (see below).

Even so, the Sisters star – and mom to daughters, Alice, 10, and Penelope, 4 – took time to share with PEOPLE some surprising confessions in this week’s issue.

Here’s our interview with Fey – plus some bonus answers exclusively on PEOPLE.com:

Last fashion disaster

Every day that a professional person isn’t controlling what I wear. I have good hair, but I can’t do hair. In the summer I was letting it air-dry and rocking a hat and glasses to go all beachy, and my husband very accurately pointed out that I looked like Johnny Depp.

Last time I was irrationally scared

My 4-year-old sleeps in her sister’s room because she said there’s a ghost in her room, which may or may not be a ruse. But I have been in there and been like, ‘Is there a ghost in here?’

Last sunburn

I try to be pretty careful so it’s been a while. For Sisters, I had to get a spray tan, but I feel like my body just wants to be light green – pale with green undertones – so it would reject it.

Last time I was late

To an interview to get my youngest child into preschool. I had written the time down wrong, and then I couldn’t get a cab, and I was sort of running, like, 40 city blocks and arrived sweaty and crying a little bit, like, ‘We’re good people!’

Last concert I attended

If SNL musical guests don’t count, the last rock concert I attended would be an Elvis Costello concert, which would probably take us back to the late ’90s. Or it could be one time me and (former SNL cast member) Horatio Sanz went to Lilith Fair last minute. That would have been in Chicago in, like, 1997. It was Sarah McLachlan and the Indigo Girls …

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Last game I played

That would be Jenga. My 4-year-old is surprisingly good at Jenga – she has good hand-eye coordination for a 4-year old. She’ll say, ‘Here’s a wiggly one!’

Last thing I lost or misplaced

Like a dummy, I did the update on my phone. As I was doing it, I was thinking, ‘You’re too dumb to do this … don’t do this’. But I did it anyway and I sort of tried to stop it in the middle and I lost several months’ worth of pictures and a lot of apps. I’m still trying to find a way to get it fixed but I’m also emailing friends saying, ‘If I sent you any pictures of my kids or anything interesting in the last six months, can you just send them back to me?!’ The reason I lost them is because I was feeling weird about ‘The Cloud’ – because most of my photos are nudes of me, 97-98 percent, so I was like ‘I’ve gotta get off The Cloud’.

Last time I was recognized

I got a really nice hug at the Paramus mall last night. It was a nice woman who said she was learning improv because of me and Amy [Poehler]. I was coming out of the Grand Luxe Café, formerly known as the Cheesecake Factory.

Last gift I gave

We have this thing that The Mindy Project writers have described as a gift war. It’s not really a war but we’ve been sending gifts to our friends at The Mindy Project because they have to do 26 episodes, which is really a lot, and we only have to do 13 here at Kimmy Schmidt. We sent them an a cappella group, a massage therapist and the last one, a week or so ago, we sent them a character meet-and-greet with Anna and Elsa and photo ops with them. Anna and Elsa sang the entire song Let It Go, including the bridge, and I thought ‘Oh, now they’re going to kill me’. It’s a very long song. From our writing staff to them. A few of the women who work over there were also writers for many years on 30 Rock, so there’s a lot of friends over there. They sent us a puppy party in return. A lady came with six puppies to visit for an hour.

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