Call Me By Your Name is in theaters Nov. 24

By Joey Nolfi
November 14, 2017 12:49 PM

It doesn’t involve dancing or rapping about statistics, but EW’s exclusive clip from Luca Guadagnino’s searing same-sex romance Call Me By Your Name still effectively lays the foundation for a deep dive into the passionate journey of a boy in love.

In the sneak peek above, Oliver (Armie Hammer) and Elio (Timothée Chalamet) take a break from biking through the impossibly gorgeous Italian countryside, perching in the shadow of a looming statue nestled at the center of a city square. Elio proceeds to tell Oliver about the statue’s significance (it commemorates the Battle of the Piave River, where he claims 170,000 people were killed during World War I, prompting Oliver to commend his book smarts.

“Is there anything you don’t know?” Oliver asks. He responds: “I know nothing, Oliver. If you only knew how little I know about the things that matter.”

“What things that matter?” Oliver responds, picking up Elio’s attempt to foster an intimate understanding between them. Elio adds: “You know what things… I thought you should know.”

Still, Oliver probes: “Because you thought I should know?” he says. A few beats pass, and Elio finishes the back-and-forth: “Because I wanted you to know.”

Call Me By Your Name is in theaters Nov. 24. Watch the new clip from the film above.

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