Timothée Chalamet Says Working With Friend Saoirse Ronan on' Little Women' Makes Acting 'Easier'

Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan are going from Lady Bird to Little Women

Timothée Chalamet is “grateful” to once again be working with his friend Saoirse Ronan.

The actor, 23, graces this month’s cover of Entertainment Weekly, in which he and Ronan, 25, discuss their upcoming Greta Gerwig film Little Women.

Ronan stars as Jo March, the independent writer who meets her next-door neighbor Laurie (Chalamet) and forms a lifelong friendship with him — only to struggle with his romantic feelings for her.

Chalamet and Ronan have previously collaborated on Gerwig’s Lady Bird and will also star together in the upcoming Wes Anderson film The French Dispatch.

“In the least clichéd way possible, it really doesn’t feel like [I’m] acting sometimes [with her],” Chalamet tells EW. “When it’s someone you’re actually friends with, it makes it easier.”

EW cover
Collier Schorr for EW

Ronan jokingly added, “We’re not friends!” Laughing, Chalamet said, “We’re not friends.”

“But if I can add one little dose of information,” he continued. “It’s so rare with Saoirse — I’m so f—— grateful to get to work with her.”

Chalamet added “Thank God” over the fact that the two were able to collaborate on Little Women.

Timothee Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan
Kevin Mazur/VF18/WireImage

As for Ronan, the Oscar-nominated actress said she and Chalamet instantly fell back into a rhythm the two shared.

“He keeps me on my toes — I’m never quite sure what he’s going to do next,” she said. “That only progressed more and grew more. It helped that we do have a very natural rapport with each other.”

She added, “These two characters physically need to be very comfortable with one another. They’re literally intertwined for half the film.”

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