December 22, 2014 08:45 PM

It’d be hard counting how many times someone’s said “Beetlejuice” since Tim Burton’s film of the same name came out in 1988, but you’d think it would be enough times to warrant a reappearance, wouldn’t you?

Looks like Tim Burton agrees.

The director spoke to IGN while promoting the upcoming movie Big Eyes and said a direct Beetlejuice sequel would only be possible with the inclusion of Michael Keaton, who starred in the original’s titular role.

“There’s only one Beetlejuice, and that’s Michael. There is a script, and I would love to work with him again. I think there is now a better chance than ever,” Burton said. “I miss that character. There’s something that’s cathartic and amazing about it. I think it’s closer than ever.”

Chatter about the Beetlejuice sequel has been slowly reaching critical mass: Keaton said in Feburary he was in if Burton was, and then in October he said the pair was waiting on a script – possibly with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies writer Seth Grahame-Smith, possibly not.

Last year, Winona Ryder told the Daily Beast that, while “I’m kind of sworn to secrecy, [the sequel] sounds like it might be happening.”

Commence your fervent speculation and pre-judgement, but please, for everyone’s sake: Do not mention the cartoon series.

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