Tiffany Haddish on Why She 'Nearly Blacked Out' Shooting 'Girls Trip' Scene with Diddy

Ahead of Girls Trip's DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand release, Tiffany Haddish tells PEOPLE the story behind that hilarious Sean "Diddy" Combs cameo

Sean “Diddy” Combs had Girls Trip fans screaming this summer when he made a cameo in the hit comedy, engaging in some bump and grind with Tiffany Haddish‘s firecracker character Dina in one of the film’s most memorable scenes.

But audiences weren’t the only ones surprised by the moment. Taped live in front of a crowd of tens of thousands during Diddy’s set at the 2016 Essence Music Festival at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, the scene was fully improvised — leaving the movie’s stars Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Regina Hall and filmmakers shocked by what went down.

The story behind the shooting of the scene is just one of the many told in the backstage featurettes that are featured on the Girls Trip Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand release, out Oct. 17.

In a sneak peek exclusive to PEOPLE, the Girls Trip team revealed that they had asked Diddy to participate and give them “a moment” but “couldn’t have scripted any better” what the final scene would turn out to be.

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Haddish couldn’t have either, especially considering she didn’t even follow the directions she was given ahead of time.

“I was told that he was going to come over and say ‘Come up here,’ and I was supposed to go up the stairs,” Haddish told PEOPLE. “When he said, ‘Come up here,’ I forgot everything they told me and was like ‘This is my chance!’ and leaped on the damn speaker. Cover me up and push me!”

As it turns out, Haddish is a lifelong Diddy fan. “I’ve always been a fan of Diddy,” she said. “I was so excited to see him I nearly blacked out.”

Though the 37-year-old comedian has had years of stand-up experience performing in front of a crowd, she said she got nervous when she saw the size of the Superdome from the stage. Luckily, she quickly traded in her fear when she saw something familiar on Diddy’s shoulder.

“As he was helping me come up, my chin had hit his shoulder. And I noticed while I was watching him that there was all this brown makeup on his shoulder. I was like, ‘That’s my face on his shoulder!’ I was so happy!’ ”

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Next, Diddy asked her to dance — which Haddish had no problem doing. “I was dancing with him and I was like, ‘Yeah bitches you see me dancing with Diddy,'” she recalled. “Nobody was doper than me in that whole room. I was the baddest most beautifulest chick ever. That’s how I felt anyway.”

Afterwards, Haddish learned that her Diddy dance had made audience members at the Superdome feeling jealous too.

“There was a lot of my actual real-life friends hanging out in the audience,” Haddish said in the clip. “And I was hanging out with my friends after, and they were like, ‘Did y’all see Diddy up there? Why is he huggin’ up on the dancers like that?’ I was like, ‘That wasn’t the dancers man. That was me! Tiffany Haddish!”

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Of course, Haddish is hoping that won’t be the last time she collaborates with Diddy.

“I’ve always wanted to be a Cîroc girl,” she admitted, citing the rapper’s vodka brand. “I still want to be Cîroc girl, it’s just got to make sense. Financially it’s got to make sense. ‘Cause I want to do a lot of things,” she said. “I just recently ran into him and he was like, ‘Yo you gotta become a Cîroc girl!’ And I was like, ‘Yeah Diddy but the money gotta be right because I can get a lot from Hennessy and I don’t even drink that!”

Girls Trip hits Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand Oct. 17.

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