'The Suicide Squad' Director Reveals Margot Robbie Performed One Unexpected Stunt Herself: 'I Was Mesmerized

Margot Robbie insisted on doing this one moment herself while filming

Margot Robbie in "The Suicide Squad. Photo: Jessica Miglio/™ & © DC Comics

This post contains spoilers.

Margot Robbie wanted in on the action during one sequence in The Suicide Squad.

Director James Gunn revealed during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live with guest host Anthony Anderson last month ahead of the movie's Aug. 6 release that Robbie performed her own stunt in one scene.

In the scene, Harley Quinn, played by Robbie, killed one of her captors by strangling him with her legs while she was handcuffed to the ceiling.

After the captor laid on the ground, the DC supervillain managed to use her feet to get the key to the handcuffs from his pocket and used her core to unlock herself using her toes. That move was done by Robbie, The Suicide Squad director said.

"[Margot] is like a human Swiss Army knife, and watching this scene with her flipping backwards was just beyond incredible," Gunn, 55, told Anderson, 51. "I was so happy that it worked and I was mesmerized by it."

Unfortunately, Harley Quinn had on a puffy red gown that had off-the-shoulder straps which ended up covering her face during the sequence "so it looks like it's a stunt person," the director said, adding that it wasn't intentional.

"It's my biggest regret in the whole movie… not going in with the scissors!" he said of the tulle sleeves.

Robbie, also appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, bragged, "I'm ambidextrous with my toes. I could braid someone's hair with my toes, I reckon. I reckon I could play the piano or whatever."

"James was like 'Don't worry we'll cut into this, don't worry about it,'" she recalled of shooting the scene. "And I was like, 'No, I reckon I got it actually."

Gunn went on to joke that many people on Twitter demanded to see Robbie's toes "and I'm like that's what you're thinking about? We've got huge bombs, we've got buildings falling over, we've got Idris Elba, John Cena, Margot Robbie, all these great people… but those are the stars."

The Australian actress' co-star Joel Kinnaman previously spoke to PEOPLE and raved about her being a "savage" on set.

"We had a couple of days when we were shooting these scenes, where we had massive rain towers [raining down on us]," Kinnaman, who plays military tactician Rick Flag in the films, told PEOPLE earlier this month. "For some reason these rain towers, [the water] is so cold. It's so cold! And the rest of us, we get the rain on us, but we also have clothes on. And then we get a warm, cozy coat to put on in between."

"But because Margot [as Harley Quinn] is in full body paint, she's just standing there taking it," Kinnaman explained. "And then she can't wrap herself in anything. And you just see her, her whole body is just shivering, her teeth are clattering. And then, as soon as it's, 'Action,' she's on, and it's on."

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"And then you go back to in between [takes], and she's shivering and clattering her teeth," he added. "She's a savage."

The Suicide Squad is in theaters and on HBO Max.

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