Brit Marling is the latest actress to come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein

By Dana Schwartz
October 23, 2017 05:04 PM
Credit: Joe Scarnici/WireImage

Brit Marling is the latest actress to come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

Marling, the star and creator of Netflix series The OA wrote a powerful, first-person essay for The Atlantic, detailing an alleged encounter she had with Weinstein after the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, where Marling had co-written and starred in two films. In the piece, Marling claimed Weinstein asked if she wanted to “shower together” — and detailed her “fear” of offending Weinstein, “who could anoint or destroy me.”

Marling added that as a screenwriter she wielded a certain privilege that many other actresses who had allegedly been put in similar positions did not: namely, that she could create her own work.

“I quickly realized that a large portion of the town functioned inside a soft and sometimes literal trafficking or prostitution of young women (a commodity with an endless supply and an endless demand),” Marling wrote. “The storytellers —
the people with economic and artistic power — are, by and large, straight, white men. As of 2017, women make up only 23 percent of the Directors Guild of America and only 11 percent are people of color.”

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In her essay, Marling noted how Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct with numerous women should be thought of through the lens of the “economics of consent.”

“Weinstein was a gatekeeper who could give actresses a career that would sustain their lives and the livelihood of their families,” she wrote. “He could also give them fame, which is one of few ways for women to gain some semblance of power and voice inside a patriarchal world. They knew it. He knew it. Weinstein could also ensure that these women would never work again if they humiliated him. That’s not just artistic or emotional exile—that’s also economic exile.”

Read her full essay here.

Marling joins a growing list of actresses who have alleged sexual harassment and sexual assault against Weinstein, who has denied all claims of non-consensual sex. The disgraced producer, through his representative, also claimed “there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.”

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