The film already broke box-office records weeks before its release


Disney’s new live-action remake of its classic film The Lion King had its world premiere on Tuesday night at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles — and critics are already singing it praises!

The film already broke box-office records weeks before its release posting the second-highest ticket first day sales of the year, second only to Avengers: Endgame. It joins Disney’s new slate of live-action film remakes, which includesAladdin, Dumbo and, soon, The Little Mermaid.

The cast includes Donald Glover and Beyoncé as Simba and Nala, respectively, as well as Seth Rogen as Pumbaa; Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar; James Earl Jones reprising his role as the voice of Mufasa from the 1994 animated film; Billy Eichner as Timon; Alfre Woodard as Sarabi, Simba’s mother; John Kani as Rafiki and John Oliver as Zazu.

The Lion King
| Credit: Disney

Following the premiere, critics took to Twitter, and its safe to say many of them left the theatre blown away, praising the live-action remake as “a landmark visual experience” that will “change how we look at movies forever.”

Here are some of the best reactions:

The Lion King is expected to be the movie of the summer and projections have it at a $180-$200 million debut over the July 19 weekend, according to Box Office magazine.

The Lion King opens in theaters July 19.