'The Lion King' Director Reveals There's One 'Real Shot' in Hit CGI Remake

Disney's The Lion King is now playing

Jon Favreau is one sneaky guy.

The Lion King director, 52, recently revealed that his CGI-animated blockbuster remake of the 1994 classic in fact features one “real shot.”

As Favreau told his Twitter followers over the weekend, the scene occurs at the very beginning of the film as “The Circle of Life” sets the plot into motion, just as in the original.

“This is the only real shot in #TheLionKing,” he shared, alongside a still from the scene. “There are 1490 rendered shots created by animators and CG artists. I slipped in one single shot that we actually photographed in Africa to see if anyone would notice. It is the first shot of the movie that begins The Circle of Life.”

His hit film continued its dominance at the box office in its second weekend of release, earning $75.5 million while nearing $1 billion worldwide.

A week prior, The Lion King broke records, earning an estimated $185 million in its opening weekend.

The remake marked the highest scoring domestic launch ever for a PG-rated film. To add to that success, the Beyoncé-led film also scored the highest July film opening ever.

The Lion King is in theaters now.

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