July 21, 2015 11:00 AM

You’re used to laughing through Jason Bateman movies. This time, you’ll be trembling.

The actor, 46, best known for his comedic and lightly dramatic roles in films like Juno, This Is Where I Leave You and the Horrible Bosses franchise, gets into much darker territory with The Gift, an upcoming thriller costarring Rebecca Hall and Joel Edgerton.

And PEOPLE has an exclusive, chill-inducing clip from the psychological thriller.

Bateman and Hall play a young married couple who are paid a visit by an old friend of Bateman’s, played by Edgerton. And judging by this party scene, things get grim pretty quickly. The clip follows the movie’s trailer, which shows Edgerton to be creepy in the extreme – leaving the couple gift after gift – though Bateman’s character seems to be harboring some secrets of his own.

The Gift opens in theaters Aug. 7.

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